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~ MICHAEL  MORDOR – the Goblin King ~

Michael Mordor – our friend from Scotland, is absolutely one of the best, and most prolific tabletop miniatures painters in the entire world.

Mr Mordor commands an army of online Goblins who support him; via Twitter (@Goblins_Mordor), as well as on Patreon . Recently we had a chance to interview him.


CC: Where were you born?

MM: Dorset, England

CC: Michael, how long have you been painting miniatures?

MM: 35 years


CC: What is your current occupation?

MM: Pro Miniature Painter

What did you want to be while you were growing up?

MM: Pro Miniature Painter

CC: How did you get into the hobby?

MM: I started painting Miniatures in the 70s with the Airfix toy soldiers. Then in the 80s my Dad bought me Warlock of Fire top mountain the board game, which came with my first set of fantasy miniatures.

And having a great Love of Labyrinth by Jim Henderson and Films like Jason and the Argonauts, just fueled my passion to paint Fantasy Miniatures.


CC: How many miniatures do you think you’ve painted to date?

MM: 20,000+

CC: What’s the most miniatures you’ve ever painted in one day?

MM: 198 Moria Goblins took me 22 hours

CC: What types of paint do you use?

MM: Acrylic Paint from Games Workshop, MSP, Vallejo, Army Painter

CC: What type brushes do you use, and how often; if ever, do you use an airbrush?

MM: Army Painter. I have an Airbrush, but I do not use it much at all and if I do it is for undercoating only.

CC: Have you had any formal training?

MM: I did a B.A in Sculpture, Art in Life studies (Drawing Naked People) LOL Medium I use is Pastel and Charcoal

CC: Have you ever won any prizes or awards for your work?

MM: First award was Golden Demon under 16 awards in 1986-88. The last was Brush with Death by Mantic Games, June 2017. Too many to list in between. Never remember all the dates.


CC: What advice would you give to those wanting to try and do what you do?

MM: Miniature Painting is Fun and that is all you need. If you are having fun painting you are doing it correctly. Just remember no one is perfect when they first start, it takes time and patience, but the rewards are worth it.

CC: If you could do any other profession what would it be?

MM: Zoo Keeper

CC: Favorite Actor/Actress

MM: Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood


CC: Favorite Band

MM: David Bowie

CC: Favorite Author/s

MM: Cawood Publishing

CC: Favorite/Least Favorite job you’ve ever had?

MM: Security Guard

CC: Favorite Hobbies?

MM: Miniature Painting, Fly Fishing, Computor games

CC: Favorite Food?

MM: Chicken, Cookies

CC: What would you do with a million dollars?

MM: Open a gaming and painting club for people with depression and anxiety

CC: What three people; past or present, would you invite to dinner?

MM: I really do not know

CC: Name something you’d like to do before you die.

MM: Paint all my miniatures

CC: Who is your Hero or Heroine?

MM: I always loved Clint Eastwood in the old cowboy movies

CC: If you could have any superpower what would it be, and why?

MM: Invisibility, so I could hide when people bore me

CC: What is your favorite curse word?

MM: F…

CC: What is your favorite sound?

MM: My Cats Purring

CC: Name three questions you’d ask your government if they HAD to answer honestly.

MM: UFO, Aliens and Was the Moon Landing a fake?

CC: What is your favorite game?
MM: Dungeon Saga by Mantic Games


A.) Have to spin around three times and begin your answer with “In my expert opinion”, every time someone asks you a question.


B.) Stroke your chin thoughtfully before saying “Let me get back to you on that”, before turning around and walking away


MM: I do have the beard so would go with B … LOL



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