Crowned Crows Game Studios is currently creating a number of miniature prototypes for our ‘work-in-progress’ tabletop game ‘Crusaders of Valor’, along with a number of display pieces.

All of our miniatures are…

-Designs by Lailokken (@crownedcrows)
-Sculpted by Luis Felipe Peredo Noguez (
-Painted by Michael Mordor (@Goblins_Mordor)

To date we have created:

  1. Leto Covington – King of the Crusaders of Valor – Prime Council Member
  2. Lailokken – Overseer of Mëddy Gáëth Keep in the service of Leto Covington
  3. ‘Krank’ the Goblin King – (this is a dedication piece for our friend Michael Mordor)
  4. Terrain Tile (barren soil style)
  5. Dungeon Tile
  6. Tree Stump
  7. Tall Pile of Skulls & Bones
  8. Scattered Pile of Skulls & Bone



KRANK – The Goblin King