Crowned Crows Game Studios is currently creating a number of miniature KITS for use in D&D style games, as well as large format pieces for display purposes. Each miniature has two sizes.


  • Size One – World Boss = Approximately 2″ in height (although objects associated with the miniature may be larger. e.g. Krank the Goblin King’s height is about 2″, but the throne he sits on is approx. 4″).


  • Size Two – Large Format Showcase Display  = Approximately 12″ (this is the overall height of the piece)




Our miniatures begin internally, with Lailokken cobbling an idea together for what the Model will be, and what the kit will consist of. Detailed written descriptions and/or image references of the subject matter are gathered, and then handed off to one or more of our very talented free-lancers from across the globe. Once they have created the sculpt files, the kit is 3D printed in-house.



    -Claudio Cuello
    -:ios Felipe Peredo Noguez



To date we have created:

  1. Leto Covington – King of Covington and Leader of the Crusaders of Valor – Prime Council Member
  2. Lailokken le`Gras – Overseer of Mëddy Gáëth Keep in the service of Leto Covington – Prime Council Member
  3. ‘Krank’ the Goblin King – (this is a dedication piece for our friend Michael Mordor)
  4. Terrain Tile (barren soil style)
  5. Dungeon Tile
  6. Tree Stump
  7. Tall Pile of Skulls & Bones
  8. Scattered Pile of Skulls & Bone



KRANK – The Goblin King