Crowned Crows Game Studios is currently creating a number of miniature KITS for use in D&D style games, as well as large format pieces for display purposes. Each miniature has two sizes.


  • Size One – World Boss = Approximately 32+mm in height


  • Size Two – Large Format for Painters/Showcase Display  = Approximately 300+mm



Our miniatures and terrain begin internally, with Lailokken cobbling an idea together for what the model will be, and what the kit/terrain piece will consist of. Detailed written descriptions and image references of the subject matter are gathered, and then handed off to one or more of our very talented free-lance sculptors from across the globe. Once they have created the digital sculpt, the files are sliced and the kit is 3D printed in-house.



    -Claudio Cuello
    -Luis Felipe Peredo Noguez



To date we have created:

  1. ‘Krank’ the Goblin King – (Crusaders of Valor Series)
  2. Lailokken le`Gras – (Crusaders of Valor Series)
  3. Leto Covington – (Crusaders of Valor Series)
  4. Terrain Tile (barren soil style)
  5. Dungeon Tile
  6. Tree Stump
  7. Short and Tall Pile of Skulls & Bones
  8. Ogre – ‘Dungeon Master’


KRANK – The Goblin King